Christian Worship and Religious Education lessons are held by our Chaplain and RE teacher, Mr Shane McCarthy.

Chaplain 2

Mr McCarthy is a gifted communicator and always has a relevant and engaging message for the boys at Chapel and assemblies about living life. The College Chaplain has a key role in facilitating the ongoing development of our Christian community.

This means continuing to create a school environment in which Christian teachings and values are prioritised and promoted: where the boys have the opportunity to develop a relationship with Christ; where care and compassion for students, staff and parents is displayed; and where Christian concern and love for the less fortunate is developed through our social justice and community service programmes.

Student Leaders in the Primary and Secondary Schools have specific responsibilities for weekly Worship services as part of their leadership portfolios. Boys are also provided with further opportunities to develop their Christian spirituality through co-curricular groups.  

Mr McCarthy knows the boys because he participates actively in the learning and co-curricular life of the school, attending several camps a year and coaching a range of sports. 

Through this involvement in the life of the boys, he knows what interests them and how to tailor his teachings to them.  Mr McCarthy extends that same Christian care to the staff members and families of the College. Indeed, he is regarded as a Chaplain and confidante for all.