Moreton Bay Boys’ College places great emphasis on outdoor experience and adventure for boys. 

Boys enjoying a dip in Brown Lake

Camps are a great way to create and enhance friendships across the year groups, learn new skills, practice resilience, teamwork and responsibility.

At MBBC, we see ourselves as ‘Life Adventurers. Life Achievers.’ For many of our boys, being adventurous is an achievement. Through our IB Learner Profile attributes of being a risk-taker, being balanced and being reflective, we encourage our boys to take advantage of the opportunities in front of them. 

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Unfamiliar as they may be, these opportunities are underpinned by our Five to Thrive framework and our Graduate Attributes, and they encourage us to step out of our comfort zone, try something new or positively respond to change. In a world where things are constantly changing and evolving, and new things continually appearing on our landscape, as students, the ability to have that inner resilience and character is indeed a personal quality that will transcend the walls of our classrooms and the fence-line of our campus.

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One meaningful way that we look to foster these and give such opportunities is our active Outdoor Education programme. All Primary boys have an opportunity to attend a school camp every year, and for many (boys and parents) these are just the type of experiences that challenge us to be open-minded, resilient and take some of those calculated and productive risks. For some, the challenge will be trying beetroot on a ham and salad roll on the first day of camp. For others, it will be trusting in their mates, teachers and guides as they take the plunge down a sand dune, as our Year 5 boys do every year at Noosa. Alternatively, it could be getting through that first night away from home, in a different bed with the sounds of nature at the cabin door.

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It is these opportunities that perhaps we take for granted, and it is only in hindsight that we truly appreciate their value in shaping the character of strong, resilient, open-minded boys that will help them into the future.

Our Outdoor Education programme, just as with our inquiry mindset in the classroom and our engagement in physical activity and The Arts, represents life. The ability to adventure and to achieve reflects the spirit in which our MBBC boys grow and thrive.

As our boys head off on the range of Camps MBBC provides, we encourage them to enjoy their adventures and to take advantage of the opportunities; because you never know just what they might achieve in the process.