eLearning and BYOD programme

At Moreton Bay Boys’ College students’ learning is naturally enhanced by the intuitive integration of technology into the classroom. This approach supports the philosophy of the International Baccalaureate by providing students with the tools to engage in rich and diverse inquiry.

ATP 5515

The College adapts the technology to each stage of the students learning journey. Consequently, students will access a combination of BYOD devices, computer labs, class PC minilabs and iPad class sets, during their years at MBBC. In Prep to Year 2 there is measured use of class-based technology resources such as the iPad class-sets and class PC minilabs. From Year 3 to Year 6 students use BYOD iPads to expand the scope of their inquiry by providing access to a wider range of experiences and creative technologies.

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Secondary school presents students with a different set of demands. To respond to the greater typing demands and the use of specialised software, students transition to using laptops. The BYOD programme is supplemented with the College computer labs for specific subjects.

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The College BYOD programme provides the opportunity for students, and families, to choose the device students use in class. This allows student to select and configure a device which best meets their personal likes and individual learning needs. The programme also ensures that students have a seamless learning experience as they move between home, school and alternative wireless environments, such as local libraries.