Strategic Plan 2023-27

Our world is continually changing and a high-quality education will elicit a student’s passion to be a lifelong learner, so they can be adaptable and have the confidence to make a positive difference for humanity.

This Strategic Plan is the blueprint that will equip our students to be future-ready, lifelong learners, who act with faith and integrity, and use their breadth of mind and depth of heart so as to be the best version of themselves.

In collaboration with our community of students, staff, parents and supporters, the Moreton Bay Colleges have developed this Strategic Plan which will guide our educational direction from 2023 to 2027.

The Strategic Plan focuses on the learner and provides the Vision and Purpose, which are underpinned by our Values of teamwork, care, engagement, and character. Our five Core Priorities are well defined by 24 unique goals. Together, this completes the framework for a continual process of improvement and brings a holistic view to advancing today’s students.

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