Our vision, our future | Moreton Bay Boys' College

Our vision, our future

Moreton Bay Boys’ College and its sister school, Moreton Bay College,
share a vision, purpose and culture.

“Two Colleges, One Community, preparing our students for tomorrow’s world.”

The vision “Two Colleges, One Community” recognises the fact that we are two colleges, each different and unique in their own way, equally valued and respected for their different histories and cultures. With no desire from anyone that the colleges mirror each other or be identical, the vision seeks to link the colleges within a shared community. 

The decision to join the colleges together is, at its heart, quite simple - Moreton Bay Boys' College and Moreton Bay College are stronger together. Both colleges have significant strengths to offer the other and together have a unique proposition in private school education.

Purpose must have passion and The Moreton Bay Colleges' passion is to develop and nurture students in an inclusive and diverse Christian learning environment. We will deliver an outstanding student experience that allows students to graduate with the attitudes, attributes, and skills that will provide the keys to becoming a global citizen.

To learn more about The Moreton Bay Colleges’ vision, purpose and culture, please download a copy of the Strategic plan 2019-2022