Welcome from the Principal

I warmly welcome you to Moreton Bay Boys' College (MBBC), an independent, Kindergarten to Year 12 boys' school in the Brisbane bayside suburb of Manly West. An accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, our globally-focussed curriculum and inquiry-based learning programmes are tailored to suit the way that boys learn.

MBBC is a Uniting church school, amalgamated with our nearby sister school Moreton Bay College, led by one Executive Principal and under the governance of a single Board.

Our growing enrolments are testimony to the faith which Brisbane and Bayside families place in us and anecdotally parents tell us one of the main reasons they love MBBC is not only the ‘vibrancy and spirit’ of the College and the space to explore and roam but also the skilled and nurturing staff and the embracing College community.

MBBC strives to retain its smaller class size and plans to monitor its growth to ensure a personalised approach to each boy. One of the great advantages of having a boy educated at Moreton Bay Boys’ College is the way in which we can respond specifically to boys’ needs and tailor our way of working and teaching to bring out their very best.

Boys place great value on the ability of a teacher to relate to them as individuals and all our teachers are passionate about the education and care of our boys. Our pastoral care is focussed on producing young men with manners, confidence and humility.

An all-boys learning environment

An all-boys learning environment

The IB philosophy of teaching is a framework that is incorporated into the Australian Curriculum and sits hand in hand with our teaching. It is not “more work” or “an additional programme” it is a teacher-facilitated, planned and guided approach to learning which helps to prepare the student for a rapidly changing world.

Much of the IB curriculum framework centres on inquiry-based learning. This allows boys to develop their research and reasoning skills and builds upon their natural curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving. We understand that boys learn best when learning is ‘hands-on’ so the units are often project-driven and kinaesthetic. Our experiential and internationally focused syllabus helps boys connect with the world around them.

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We have developed exciting resources geared toward boys, from the books they like to read, to the larger sized classrooms (25% bigger than average), high levels of technology and large, open spaces in which to play.

Our single-sex classes allow openness in discussion that may be missing in co-educational environments. Boys need to be able to talk freely about matters that are important to them. As well, a single-sex education means there isn’t the distraction offered by the other gender.

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In conjunction with our sister school, Moreton Bay College, boys can attend Co-Curricular activities such as selected Sports, Clubs and Music programmes in a co-educational environment. In these environments’ boys gain real-life experiences that prepare them for their futures beyond MBBC, including the workplace where they’ll interact with both genders.

We understand that not all boys learn in the same way. However, by providing an environment that recognises and embraces their differences, we can maximise individuals’ potential.

We invite you to contact the College to arrange a tour and to see for yourself how our college embraces the unique abilities of each boy, nurturing his talent, building his confidence and providing the tools for success – wherever life takes him.