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Experts in boys’ education

As an all-boys school, Moreton Bay Boys’ College offers many educational advantages.

Our rich and diverse learning environments are developed to engage boys intellectually, creatively, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We know that building confidence and pride in the abilities of boys means they thrive academically. Moreton Bay Boys’ College offers an engaging curriculum, specially developed for the ways boys think and learn. 

The scope and diversity of our academic programme develops boys that want to be at school and want to learn, and our inquiry-based, hands-on approach to learning builds upon their natural curiosity. An all-boys education lets boys focus without the pressure to perform for girls. Boys can show interest without inhibition and can fully engage with the learning programmes in place. By encouraging each boy to achieve his potential and discover his own unique interests and talents, we raise the expectations of what our boys can accomplish. Experiential and internationally focused learning helps our boys connect with the world around them.

A learning environment built for boys

A learning environment built for boys

The school environment at Moreton Bay Boys’ College is geared to achieving better results for our boys by maximising the way they respond. Being an all-boys school allows us to develop exciting resources geared toward boys, from the books they like to read to the larger sized classrooms (25% bigger than average), as well as high levels of technology and large, open spaces in which to play. Importantly, we understand that there is great diversity in the way boys learn and by providing an environment that recognises and embraces their differences, we are able to maximise individuals’ potential.

Specialist teachers tailor learning

Specialist teachers tailor learning

We choose teachers who are passionate about working with boys, and who act as positive role models. A number of our teaching staff are specialists & leaders in their chosen fields, striving to help your son be his very best. By approaching teaching and learning in a way that is tailored to how boys learn, they thrive academically, socially and spiritually.

Preparing each boy to chart his own path into the world

An all-boys school helps avoid the confusion of gender stereotyping. MBBC immerses boys equally in subject areas such as art and music as we do in those subjects traditionally perceived of as “male”, such as science and mathematics. We also provide a range of co-curricular activities covering a wide range of interests that open the door to discovering lifelong passions.

It is ingrained in our school culture that we provide experiences that promote strong bonds of friendship between the boys and that we celebrate important rites of passage. Moreton Bay Boys’ College is a safe, happy and secure school environment in which boys receive the right balance of boundaries, freedoms and high expectations.