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Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement at Moreton Bay Boys’ College provides diverse extension and enrichment learning for individuals or groups. We are proud of our boys and want to equip them with the essential skills they need in life.



Excite and engage

At Moreton Bay Boys’ College we provide diverse extension and enrichment learning experiences for our bright and gifted learners. Individuals and/or groups are provided with extension work building on higher order thinking skills. The College aims for the boys to be reflective thinkers and problem solvers.

ALTIUS ‘higher’

ALTIUS ‘higher’

At MBBC, we recognise, value and cater for gifted and talented students. In addition to individualised extension work, the College’s Enrichment program; ALTIUS will be offered to those students of exceptional abilities.  ALTIUS aims to capture the interests and talents of the most academically able students through the provision of educational opportunities that are designed to extend, enrich and excite. Our students are also offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of extension activities and competitions such as; Days of Excellence, Da Vinci Decathlon, ICAS Competitions, Maths Challenges and Competitions, ‘Write a book in a Day’ workshops, Linguistics Competitions, and individualised research projects.


At Moreton Bay Boys’ College, we also understand that boys learn at different rates with different needs. We tailor support programs to assist boys as they move through the learning continium.

The Learning Enhancement support team cater to those boys who have been diagnosed with a disability and those who may be identified as requiring individualised assistance. Educational adjustments and differentiation strategies are implemented throughout the College to support the boys. This assistance is provided to the boys by a range of support staff including specialist teachers and support aides. Opportunities also exist for visiting specialists (i.e. Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, etc.) to provide individualised support on campus. 

With our variety of programmes, and strategies we enable our boys the access to appropriate yet challenging learning experiences.