Group Study Tours & Study Abroad

Moreton Bay Colleges International offers a range of short-term courses for international students, including groups study tours (summer camps), group study abroad and individual study abroad. Our short-term programmes provide a mixture of learning and cultural experiences, which are very popular all around the world.  

Groups - Study Tours (1 - 4 weeks) & Study Abroad (4+ weeks)

Study Tours & Study Abroad Groups will receive the opportunity to learn English, learn about Australian culture, visit local attractions, enjoy the facilities and experience of an Australian school and join the buddy programme.  Each group’s programme is tailored to the needs of the group and students, and as such, the cost for each programme varies. 

Buddy Programme

All of our short-term groups will experience the buddy programme.  This programme allows our international students to spend a day with an Australian student.  They will spend time in class together and enjoy break times together.  This is a good chance for international students to make an Australian friend. 

Sample Itinerary

Download the Sample Itinerary from the link below.

Individual Study Abroad (1 term, 1 semester or 1 year)

Individual students can study at The Moreton Bay Colleges for a short period of time.  Students can experience life at school in Australia and decide if they want to stay longer.  Please note that students must meet English language requirements to join this programme. Click here to view entry requirements.


Individual Study Abroad students can commence in January, April, July or October.

Groups can commence at any time during the year. 

To book or for further information, please email