Experts in boys’ education.

Our College offers an engaging curriculum, specially developed for the ways boys think and learn.  We are proud to be a World School as part of the International Baccalaureate programme. This internationally accredited education programme focuses on academic development alongside social, physical, emotional and cultural needs, teaching boys to be responsible global citizens for tomorrows world.

The scope and diversity of our academic programme develops boys that want to be at school and want to learn, and our inquiry-based, hands-on approach to learning builds upon their natural curiosity. An all-boys education lets boys focus without the pressure to perform for girls. Boys can show interest without inhibition and can fully engage with the learning programs in place. By encouraging each boy to achieve his potential and discover his own unique interests and talents, we raise the expectations of what our boys can accomplish. Experiential and internationally focused learning helps our boys connect with the world around them. We also provide a range of co-curricular activities covering a wide range of interests that open the door to discovering lifelong passions.