The introduction of PB Books encourage positive behaviours.

 Student wellbeing is an imperative part of the College community at MBBC. Our school is full of amazing boys that consistently go above and beyond with their effort, behaviour and attitude. I am a huge believer in recognising success and rewarding those that make an effort to display positive behaviours and contribute to the welcoming, inclusive environment of Moreton Bay Boys’ College.

In an effort to recognise said success and reward students for their positive behaviours, at the beginning of 2021, MBBC introduced a new ticket book system, known as Positive Behaviour books, or PB books.

Educators carry the Positive Behaviour books with them, and when they see boys displaying positive behaviours, both in the classroom our around the college, they fill in a PB ticket, tear it out of the book, and hand it to the boy. The ticket contains an area for the Educator to complete, where they can highlight the behaviour they wish to reward. These tickets can also be used to remind the students not to engage in negative behaviour, but the focus is to promote and acknowledge students that demonstrate the College Values of Teamwork, Engagement, Character and Care around the school. The PB Books align with the College’s Wellbeing Framework and our Pastoral Care focus.

Boys who receive Positive Behaviour tickets can place them in special post-boxes situated around the College. At the end of each term, all the tickets are entered into a draw. The lucky recipients are given the opportunity to take part in a range of fun and exciting experiences as a way of acknowledging their efforts and for contributing positively to MBBC.