Principal Andrew Holmes - You don’t just attend MBBC, You Belong.

Throughout the last eighteen months the Morton Bay Boys’ College (MBBC) has undergone extensive consultation with staff, parents, students and the College Leadership teams, to determine what it means to attend Moreton Bay Boys' College.

Moreton Bay Boys’ College has much to be proud of and its culture is clearly characterised by a strong caring community and a sense of togetherness that is truly inspiring.  

It takes a village to raise a child, is an African proverb that means that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. It is fitting that our boys, past and present, staff, parents and members of our community create an environment where you do not just attend MBBC, You Belong. 

At MBBC, we believe in the limitless potential of each boy, with an unwavering passion to ensure his aspirations are met and he becomes the best version of himself.

What makes a Moreton Bay Boy?

Research tells us that a thriving community brings people together and provides opportunities for social interaction. A strong community helps build relationships and creates a sense of purpose and belonging. It empowers, inspires and motivates individuals to connect.

The College is privileged to have such a vibrant and caring community with a high level of engagement. We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated staff, who along with supportive parents, provide an outstanding educational experience for our boys to shine.

At MBBC, we believe in the limitless potential of each boy, with an unwavering passion to ensure his aspirations are met and he becomes the best version of himself. By creating a sense of belonging our boys will experience a greater connection, engagement, and purpose leading to better student behaviour, higher academic achievement and enhanced social skills.

A Boy Centred Learning Approach

At MBBC we understand how boys learn and it is a privilege to have such exceptional practitioners who are committed to providing an outstanding educational experience for your son to shine. We place prominence on a high-quality education which instils a culture of respect, inclusion and collaboration, proactive community service, genuine inquiry, and international mindedness. These are principles which are lived at the College, and they support our values of Engagement, Character, Care and Teamwork.

We are an authorised International Baccalaureate (IB) World School which offers the Primary Years Programme (PYP). Inquiry-based learning starts with the PYP and continues into our Secondary School through our unique 5 Star Learning Approach. Supported by highly qualified, dedicated and passionate teachers, our boys consistently achieve strong academic outcomes.

By providing extensive co-curricular activities, MBBC endorses a philosophy of providing holistic education to enhance students’ learning potential and one that shapes young people who are committed, active and compassionate. The College holds a strong passion to ensure student aspirations are limitless and encourage your son to embrace the rich learning experiences to be the best that he can be.

Getting to know the individual

At MBBC we know every student by name. Underpinned by a strong caring pastoral programme, we understand how boys learn and we are proud to share that our teachers know your son as an individual. It is a privilege to work alongside such exceptional caring practitioners who are experts in your boy’s education and nurture your son’s individual character.

Research tells us that when boys feel safe happy and connected, they will thrive and flourish. We believe in the limitless potential of each boy, with an unwavering passion to ensure his aspirations are met and he becomes the best version of himself. The College is committed to maximising your son’s potential by providing a learning environment and pathways specific to your son’s strengths and interests.

We are passionate about developing and nurturing students in an inclusive and diverse Christian learning environment. Through our wellbeing framework, Five to Thrive, we are genuinely proactive about student wellbeing.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is certainly a three-way process at MBBC. Critical to our success is a College culture that fully embraces the unique abilities of each boy, developing their talent, building their confidence, and providing them a supportive learning environment. A College community that embraces your son’s journey and nurtures the boy he is now to the man he will become.

An Environment Built for Boys

The College is surrounded by nature and built for boys. With break out green spaces, classes often move outside to benefit from our unique environment. Classrooms are designed to be much bigger to optimise the learning of boys. We have developed exciting resources geared toward boys, from the books they like to read, high levels of technology and large open spaces in which to play.

We understand that not all boys learn in the same way. However, by providing an environment that recognises and embraces their differences, we can maximise individuals’ potential.

The co-curricular programs are geared towards accommodating the passion and interests of boys and include less traditional sports such as sailing and mountain biking, with our very own mountain bike track. In conjunction with our sister school, Moreton Bay College, boys can also attend co-curricular activities such as selected sports, clubs and music programmes in a co-educational environment. In these environments, boys gain real-life experiences that prepare them for their futures beyond MBBC.

Providing a toolkit for the future

The World Economic Forum refer to creativity, complex problem solving and critical thinking as the key skills required for jobs in the future. The platform of innovation in teaching and learning has been fast-tracked and the Coronavirus pandemic has revolutionised education at MBBC.

The College has embraced the new 5 Star Learning Approach which provides best practices in our classrooms and prepares our boys for tomorrow’s world. We believe that our boys will be inspired and graduate with the skills, attitude and attributes to be future-ready, and acquire a genuine belief that they can make a difference in the world.

We are committed to providing an outstanding student experience through providing a learning environment that is collaborative, supportive and productive, and one that fosters collaboration, agency, reflection, curiosity and agile learners.

A Partnership like no other two Colleges one Community

A unique model not replicated, very often, elsewhere. We share a common vision, purpose and culture with our sister school Moreton Bay College. Our unique community means that while our boys benefit from a single-sex education, they have the opportunity through several co-curricular sports, music and academic activities to learn alongside the girls. Joint College gatherings enable our parent communities to come together, creating an even stronger community for our students to flourish in.