This year, over 3,000 students from 228 QLD and NSW schools participated in the QLD and Northern NSW Interschool Snowsports Championships held at Perisher. 

The Moreton Bay Colleges’ had a fabulous week of competitions in both skiing and snowboarding. At the end of the week, The Moreton Bay Colleges’ had achieved a total of 13 medals from our small group of 6 competitors. 

The team achieved the following results:

Snowboard Div 2 (F):

Sarah Keen

1st - Grand Slalom  

1st - Snowboard Cross


Snowboard Div 3 (F):

Kate Keen

1st - Grand Slalom 

1st - Snowboard Cross


Snowboard Div 3 (M):

Jacobie Titman

3rd - Grand Slalom

3rd - Snowboard Cross


Ski Division 5 (F):

Amber Dalzell, Cyana Titman and Jorja Titman

1st - Team Grand Slalom


Amber Dalzell                                                                         

1st - Individual Grand Slalom

3rd - Individual Skier Cross

Amber Dalzell and Cyana Titman                                                                      

1st - Team Skier Cross    

Additionally, MBC placed 5th overall (including both QLD and Northern NSW Schools) for girls school ski results.

Sarah, Kate and Amber also qualified for the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships representing MBC and QLD which is being held at Mt Buller 2-8 September.