What is the PYP Exhibition?

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) Exhibition stands as a momentous culmination within the International Baccalaureate (IB) framework, taking place during the final year of primary education, which is Year 6 at MBBC. It serves as the pinnacle project in the PYP, nurturing critical thinking and holistic learning.

This dynamic Exhibition inspires students to demonstrate their grasp of global issues, exhibit transdisciplinary skills, and engage in responsible action-taking. It emphasizes the significance of inquiry, reflection, communication, and the courage to embrace risks. This process instils independence and self-management, equipping young learners to evolve into lifelong, empathetic, and well-informed global citizens.

The culmination experience extends beyond academic knowledge, nurturing vital lifelong learner qualities encompassing research, communication, self-management, thinking, and social skills.

Our 2023 PYP Exhibition revolved around the Transdisciplinary Theme of "How We Express Ourselves." From this theme, our students explored issues related to discovering and expressing ideas, emotions, nature, culture, beliefs, and values. They delved into ways of reflecting on, expanding, and appreciating creativity and aesthetics.

Each student formulated their unique Central Ideas, serving as the guiding concept for their inquiries, enabling them to showcase their skills, knowledge, and capacity to address real-life issues. Examples included:

  • Consumer choices influence sustainability
  • Beliefs impact relationships
  • Appreciation of diversity facilitates belonging
  • Competitiveness has consequences on mental health
  • Equality affects performance opportunities
  • Community perspectives limit artistic expression
  • Inequality impacts society

Over a 10-week process, they embraced the role of catalysts for genuine change in their world. Their journeys were marked by personal challenges and obstacles, but their unwavering perseverance led to remarkable outcomes.

In the culmination event during the last week of Term 3, our students shone brilliantly as they represented themselves, their families, and the college. We took immense pride in presenting their outstanding work to the MBBC community and beyond.

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