At Moreton Bay Boys’ College, we see starting in Year 4 or 5 as an exciting opportunity for children and families.

Helping children feel confident and positive about their new school during the upper primary years eases the transition into Secondary School. In the MBBC Primary School, staff work collaboratively to create an environment for boys that is relevant, challenging, enjoyable, secure and engaging.

When children start at a new school, they have a lot to get used to. They’ll be in a new setting, with different children and new rules and routines. Some children will manage this easily, while others may need more help from parents and teachers.


All boys have different academic capabilities. Entry at Year 4 or 5 prepares students for the academic expectations at MBBC, particularly in preparation for transition to the Secondary School. The Primary School is proactive in implementing identification processes for individual learning needs and offers a comprehensive Learning Enhancement programme which encompasses Learning Support and Learning Enrichment. In Year 6, the Learning Enhancement team, along with class teachers, work closely with staff in the Secondary School to ensure the transition for all students is a smooth one.

MBBC is proud to be an authorised International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, which offers both the Primary Years Programme in Prep to Year 6, and the Middle Years Programme in Years 7 to 10. The IB programmes encourage both personal and academic achievement, with the aim of developing internationally minded people who, recognising their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world. Entry in Year 4 or 5 gives students exposure to the IB learning framework and sets them up for success in the Middle Years Programme.


One of the biggest concerns for any child commencing at a new school is “will they make friends”?

In the MBBC Primary School, we have several strategies to alleviate these anxieties for students entering in Year 4 and 5, including an Orientation Day with ‘get to know you’ activities and the allocation of a buddy (current MBBC student in the same year level). Through our extensive offering of extra and co-curricular opportunities, the boys get the chance to have a go at new sports and cultural activities. They mix with students across classes and in other year levels. Entry in Year 4 or 5 gives students an opportunity to make a valued contribution to the Primary School before they move into their Secondary years, and allows students to establish friendships and feel confident with their peers.


Boys commencing in Year 4 or 5 have the opportunity to become familiar with the physical environment at MBBC. They become more confident in finding their way around the campus and are more comfortable utilising the many facilities MBBC has to offer, such as the mountain bike track, sporting facilities, new Library, science labs, and design technology facility.


We are very proud of our Student Leadership Programme in the Primary School at MBBC. Each semester, we elect four Vice House Captains to represent our four houses - Flynn, Doherty, Dunlop and Nicholls. These boys organise and represent the College at significant events. In addition to these roles, we also have sporting Captains as part of our sporting competition. These roles are determined once each sporting season commences. Entry in Year 4 or 5 gives students an opportunity to participate in a number of learning experiences where they explore how they can contribute to the growth and development of the MBBC Primary School and discover the leader within themselves.


Once friendships have been established, and the anxiety about a new school is behind them, in Year 6, students will be involved in a number of transition activities to pave the way for the move to the Secondary School. There are opportunities for them to meet and ask questions of Secondary teaching staff and College student leaders. They participate in Secondary House service events (such as free dress days and lunch-time activities), and they visit secondary learning spaces and get to know some of the specialist areas.


Parents and teachers need to work together and communicate well. There are many opportunities for parents of students in Year 4 or 5 to be involved in the College community, whether it be helping in the classroom, attendance at social events, acting as a year level parent representative, assisting with support-a-reader or marshalling at sporting events. Parent support of the College’s activities is always appreciated. There are also several support services offered to College families, including a Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist.

Our focus is on providing a learning environment where all students feel comfortable and confident. We see entry in Year 4 or 5 as an exciting opportunity for students and families to join our College and discover why we’re the experts in boy’s education.