Year 9 | Moreton Bay Boys' College

Task 1: Street to Studio


Working through the DESIGN PROCESS of Researching, Developing, Resolving and Reflecting the students were asked to create a Skateboard deck that was to communicate an aspect of urban arts. 

For this unit of inquiry the students were asked to consider whether the urban environment forms a subculture, or if a subculture forms the urban environment. Their response to this came in the form of classroom discussions after exploring subcultures. 

A subculture is a cultural subgroup. They are considered 'opposite from the mainstream culture because of their unique trends. Subcultures are judged by what they look like, what they wear, where they live, their ethnic background and religion. Subcultures have distinctive styles of dress, activity and music. They form when the mainstream culture fails to meet the needs of a specific group of people.

Task 2: My Urban Landscape

Places that we inhabit are a constant source of inspiration for artists. Artists record and communicate the connection they have to the surrounding landscape using a variety of mark making techniques and styles.

In this task students were asked to consider how we look at and communicate the environment that we live in and experience. Through responding to this statement, students used their own personal experiences and acquired skills relevant to acrylic painting to communicate the idea of ‘Urban Landscape’.

In developing their final paintings, the students used photographs as a way of expressing themselves and communicating their view of the world. These photographs then informed their final artwork. This manner of working is an insightful way of ones’ displaying unique take on daily life.

Unit 1: Great Place to Hang Out

Students are learning about how to design with space in a Built Environment setting.

In this unit, the focus was to develop the students understanding of designing built environment spaces for their stakeholders. They needed to understand the needs and wants of those who use the space. They researched and developed effective solutions using a wide range of designing and sketching techniques. They then used CAD software to present that back to their parents who are the clients.

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