Year 12 | Moreton Bay Boys' College

Task 4: Art as Alternate

Unit 3: Human Centred Design 

Students learn about and designing in the context of human-centred design (HCD). Fundamental to HCD is the principle that a designer considers human needs and wants as a higher priority than other influences throughout the design process. 

In Year 12, the students built on their understanding of Human Centred Design. They were given MBBC Osh Club as their stakeholders and had to fully understand the children who attend each day through interviewing and observations. In HCD, the year 11s need to always work closely with the stakeholders and interact with them at every stage of the journey. At the end of the unit, the students needed to pitch and present their solutions to make an already successful company more effective.

Unit 4: Sustainable Design

Students learnt about and experienced designing in the context of sustainable design. Fundamental to sustainable design is the principle that designers should create new projects that can be supported indefinitely in terms of their economic, social and ecological impact on the wellbeing of humans.  

In this unit, the focus was around single use plastic - the problems that are caused because of it and our ability to redesign products, services, or environments so they are more sustainable. To achieve high grades for this unit, the students needed a good understanding of the problem and a wide range of theory relating to sustainability. They then needed to study areas that could be improved and re-design solutions, so they are more sustainable.