Year 11 | Moreton Bay Boys' College

Task 1: Art as Lens

This unit looks at the ‘material world’ through the concept of ‘art as lens’. A lens is a viewpoint and there are many viewpoints, or ways of looking at and understanding the world. Students will explore how artist create new ways of thinking, and of representing what they perceive in the world. They began with the focus of people, places and objects as inspiration, creating their own unique figurative and non-figurative artworks.

Task 2: Art as Code

This unit students have explored the concept of ‘art as code’ to learn how visual language is capable of expressing complex ideas. Although both spoken language and visual language vary by culture, visual language has the potential to transcend and communicate across cultures, time and geography.

Unit 1: Design in Practice

Students developed their understanding of the design process through researching famous successful Bauhaus Movement practitioners and reflecting their work in their designs for furniture or home appliances for first home buyers.

The year 11s built on their understanding of the design process by studying famous designers that have demonstrated excellence in their work and influenced the designs all around the world. Our focus was on Bauhaus, a German design movement which was prevalent between 1919 and 1933, but large elements of the design movement are still very much in existence. Companies such as Ikea and Apple have been hugely influenced by this movement which believed in a Universal Utopia reflected in their simple, functional, and mass producible designs.

Unit 2: Commercial Design

Fundamental to commercial design is the principle that design is a commercial endeavour that requires designers to respond to the needs and wants of clients.

The students worked closely working with stakeholders across the whole community, to design a multi-sensory walk on the Moreton Bay Boys’ College grounds. In groups, they worked together to design solutions that would satisfy the needs and wants of the stakeholders whilst understanding the given constraints set by them. Their work has been highly commended, and large elements of it will be used by the senior Art class, who will collaborate in the project at the end of 2021 and into the start of 2022. 

This is a real-life project that is a collaboration between PhD Student Kerrie Mackay and MBBC. The Sensory Nature Art Walk will be built on the school grounds during 2022.