Matte D | Moreton Bay Boys' College

Task 4: Art as Alternate


In Unit 4, students continue and build on their focus, knowledge and art practice from Unit 3. They refine their expression and personal aesthetic by applying skills associated with creative thinking. Students resolve their body of work through the concept ‘art as alternate’ as they imagine, generate and apply new ideas and links. Through the pursuit of an individualised response, they challenge their approaches to identify alternatives and opportunities for innovation.

Students foreground the contemporary context to develop new meanings through a lens of 21st century art ideas and issues. They simultaneously select from the personal, cultural and formal contexts to examine and compare visual language, expression and the communication of multiple meanings in various art forms.

Anatomical Construction of Self, 2021 Resin, Clay, Acrylic paint, Colour photographs

Our personal experiences are truly unique to us. They create the foundation for the emotions and responses within our world. Experiences are what make us human, and unique. We can all identify with another human, hence the introduction of human bones and flesh, coated in personal symbolism. The placing of them on isolated tables, allows the viewer to witness my experiences and how they structure what I present to the outside world. Like a hand, I can touch and feel, but without the bones of my past, I would not be who I am today. A hand can’t function without bones, a person can't function without genuine experiences. The outside flesh of my hand its simple in its form, but the experiences which structure it, are truly unique.