Year 11 - Matte D | Moreton Bay Boys' College

Task 1: Art as Lens

Task 2: Art as Code

This unit students have explored the concept of 'art as code' to learn how visual language is capable of expressing complex ideas. Although both spoken language and visual language vary by culture, visual language has the potential to transcend and communicate across cultures, time and geography.

Artist Statement 

This painting is designed to create a calming and happy atmosphere. It utilizes colour and shape theory to produce emotions in the viewer. light, pastel colours have been shown to relax and calm people as the image flows gently through natural, soft shapes. The soft colours and shapes produce a smooth and inviting atmosphere, playing off one another’s curves and softness. The colours used contrast each other yet work together as they are all a similar shade, dotting around the painting in an orderly yet playful manor. The warm colours create a familiar happiness, while the cool colours bring about smooth relaxing texture. The image swirls together, leaving the viewer intrigued and calmed. 

Blood and Thoughts, 2020

Blood and Thoughts demonstrates the ideologies and lustrous beliefs placed on other humans. The fine details and medium are all symbolistic of the way humans perceive each other. Using the rich blacks and a simple colour format produces a stark and contrasting image on the flat white paper. Pairing this with the large print size, an illustration is produced, creating a symbolistic perspective on the 'size' of said issue. Using classic pin up images as inspiration led me to the conclusion between the differences of contemporary culture and the golden age of capitalism. Red, theorised to be the colour of love, romance, desire and hunger. Red hearts are the materialised thoughts and desires of others, forcing themselves onto her. The red likens to the blood of her body and the hungers of others, condemning her for what she is rather than who she is. The way the woman sits nonchalantly at the eyes of prying minds is brave and open. She sits quietly and openly, as a human being rather than a mere piece of flesh.