Year 10 | Moreton Bay Boys' College

Task 1: What Defines Us

During this unit, students were asked to develop a body of work that investigates the relationship between perceptions of self and others through the genre of portraiture. The boys explored the concepts surrounding stereotypes and whether society’s assumptions are accurate. Through researching key artists and experimenting with photography and drawing techniques, students created a body of work that included a resolved drawing or series of drawings that communicated their intended focus statement.

Task 2: The Human Condition

During this unit, students explored the concept of the Human Condition through the cultural context. This experimental folio provided opportunities for the boys to explore how artists use their art practice as a way of making sense of human history and the world around them. As an artist, students experimented with visual language and art conventions to express ideas through visual forms.  

Centred around a focus statement that the boys developed, they have created a number of experimental works that they will then develop further to create one resolved artwork that communicates their intended meaning. 

Unit 1: Play with This

Students developed their CADCAM skills and worked closely with stakeholders to prototype a toy for a Year 1 client.

The year 10 boys worked closely to identify the needs and opportunities for toys for our Year 1 stakeholders through observations and interview techniques. The Year 10s then went to the design studio to research, design, plan and prototype a solution using design thinking strategies. The Year 10s then invited the Year 1s back to the classroom to test the success of their prototypes and to receive vital feedback from their stakeholders. This project gave the year 10s experience with human centred design, which they’ll have the option to study further in senior.