Will Z | Moreton Bay Boys' College

Task 1: Art as Lens


In this unit of learning, I chose an object to create various artworks, using different mediums. I was required to demonstrate how different lenses can change the meaning of an artwork. The object that was selected was a film clapboard (Slide 9). This object was taken from a personal context because it holds personal significance to me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a love for film.

This idea and thought process was influenced by Australian contemporary artist Michael Zavros’ Falling series (Slide 12). This was due to the simplicity in his process of manipulating his object. I can relate to this choice of object, as

Zavros’ passion has certainty, but the movement and direction of the horses has drama and uncertainty.

Within my experimental artworks, I aimed to show a clear difference in viewing the clapboard through an objective and subjective lens. By distorting and creating varieties of my subject I was able to tell a different story and lead my viewers to a new thought path. I hoped it would open people’s perceptions, encourage them to make a judgement on what they are seeing, but then lead them down a completely different path.

WIll Z Art As Lens Video 1

Art as Lens Video 2

Will Z- Art as Lens Video 3

Task 2: Art as Code


This unit, I have explored the concept of ‘art as code’ and signs & symbols and developed a series of experimental artworks through a formal context.

From the four selected experimental artworks, the Cultural Signs was selected as my resolved piece.  A partial response to Xu Bing’s The Living World, I printed out a self-portrait of myself and an Australian flag and sliced the images into small fragments. I then hung the pieces together in the open wind, filming the flag’s movement and capturing audio from nearby. The sliced paper represents a flag, and through this formal context, I’m able to explore the internal ‘battle’ between myself and living my life as an Australian.