Tomas M | Moreton Bay Boys' College

Task 1: Art as Lens


The focus of this folio was a sugar (candy) skull commonly seen in celebrations of dia de Muertos (Day of the dead). I had explored the skull through multiple lenses during the allocated time, and learnt to understand the meaning and significance that the skull means to people and why I have a connection to this skull in particular. The skull is in both a personal and cultural context, because of the vast amount of meaning to the people behind this tradition, and how the skull depicts “Beautiful Death”. The personal context is because of the item being gifted to me from someone.

This folio has been influenced by artworks which explore the mortality of humanity and the beauty that is instilled with death. The artist Damien Hirst has displayed exactly what I’m looking for. This artwork has shown a intriguing viewpoint with a beautiful contrast of warm and cool colours topped off with golden teeth, the entire artwork is in clear reference to the famous vanitas art-style.

I intend to bring multiple different views with the use of lens. I will create art with the entire skull in view, and other with only minor/significant detail viewable and present.

Task 2: Art as Code


The selected resolved artwork responds to ACKelly’s Triangle Abstract Modern.

My resolved artwork uses colours associated with various pride flags, symbolising the importance of the acceptance of all genders and sexualities within contemporary society. The artwork communicates its meaning through a cultural context, communicating and challenging the current prejudice and discrimination that LGBTQIA+ people face in society today. Colour is used to create symbolism by communicating simplistic meanings, with individual and meaningful connotations. Colours are assumed to have connections to specific genders – blue’s are seen as a male colour, whereas a pink is seen to be feminine and for women. These ‘assigned’ roles and their colours can affect the way we view and understand our surroundings, as we are brought up learning this way of life.

My artwork focuses on decoding symbolism through colour – the placement of particular colours alongside one another, allows the audience to place their own personal meaning upon the artwork.