Jacob W | Moreton Bay Boys' College

Task 1: Art as Lens


My experimental folio was of a camera lens. I decided to explore the lens through different medias along with different lenses that were discussed and investigated in class.

My artwork focused on different details shown on the lens throughout the use of alcohol markers and digital drawings. My personal connection to this object is through the use of it, I can capture different moments in time by using different angels and techniques.

The reference artist for my folio was Sandra Selig because of her subtle but meaning fall artworks like her Heart of the air that you can hear painting.

Task 2: Art as Code


My artwork responds to Sol LeWitt and his use of colour throughout his Colour Bands artwork to the point of stereotypical colours for male and female. His artwork communicates a connection between shape and colour by using the same shape which is a triangle and the same colours throughout but changing the pattern of the colours, so it isn’t the same across the whole canvas.

My artwork follows this as I chose two sets of colours that people commonly associate together with the terms of ‘men’ and ‘women’ as they are the most thought of colours to challenge the metaphor about how ‘Men are from Mars’ and ‘Women are from Venus’.