Year 6 | Moreton Bay Boys' College

Task 1: Where we are in Time and Place


Following the Art and Design cycle of inquiry, students were asked to develop a number of artworks inspired by the Surrealist Art movement. For this artwork, students created a digital collage inspired by Surrealism. They gathered images from both the world around them and the internet in order to create an interesting composition, with a clear focal point using the Principle of Design - Emphasis. In planning their Surrealist Collage, they were asked to create a composition that, looked real, however when the audience looked further at the artwork, resembled a landscape that was more like a dream.

Task 2: Sharing the Planet


During this unit, students were exposed to a range of natural art techniques and processes, investigating land art, ephemeral and site specific sculptures, and photography-based media. Each week, the boys completed a different nature art- based task, either individually or as groups, with the only requirement being that they had to create interesting compositions for photographs at the end of each activity.

By engaging in a range of processes, both ephemeral and permanent, students were introduced to the idea that art in nature is everywhere, but also can be fleeting and that taking care of our natural environment is important for our futures.  

Task 3: How We Express Ourselves


This year in preparation for PYP exhibition, the students engaged in a Provocation Day, where they all engaged in a range of short activities that explored ideas around self-expression in a range of ways. For this task, the boys were asked to think carefully about their own appearances and then close their eyes and immediately draw an interpretation of that image on the page without looking. This challenged the boys not only by the difficultly of the task, but also the way they view or perceive themselves, as sometimes how we perceive ourselves and express this may be different to the perception of others.