Year 5 | Moreton Bay Boys' College

Task 1: Who we are 


Students created a wire portrait that revealed some aspect of their personality. The portrait was based on a self-portrait they took that they believe represented them best. Once they had decided on the image that represented them best and created the continuous wire portrait communicating that expression, they chose their favourite colour or the colour that represents them best as the background for their portrait. The goal of this task was to consider what aspects of our personaility make us who we are and how we communicate this to others.

Task 2: Where We are in Time and Place


Using their newly acquired knowledge and understanding of aerial perspective and painting techniques, the students were required to create an artwork that describes an area from above as if they were flying over the top of it in a helicopter. 

Ultimately, they were to create a personally meaningful large colour abstract compositional painting that investigates the uses of colour and perspective in the style of the unit’s mentor artist; John Olsen, Richard Diebenkorn, Dadda Samson and Sally Gabori:

In planning their painting, they were asked to consider the pathways, people, animals, landscaping and buildings within their composition.