Moreton Bay Boys' College is delighted to announce an inclusive workshop event, extending a warm invitation to local schools to join us in the fascinating world of robotics. This workshop is designed to foster innovation and problem-solving skills, focusing on the Robocup Junior Line Rescue, Maze Rescue, and OnStage challenges. It’s a unique opportunity for students to engage deeply with robotics, opening up avenues for learning and creativity.

The workshop aims to arm participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for the global Robocup Junior competition, touching on critical aspects of robotics such as design, construction, and programming. In the Line Rescue challenge, students will be tasked with creating robots that can navigate a pre-determined path, overcoming various obstacles to perform a rescue. The Maze Rescue challenge pushes these skills further, requiring robots to find their way through mazes to locate and rescue victims represented by cans.

Adding a creative twist, the OnStage challenge invites students to program their robots to perform in a theatrical presentation, demonstrating not only technical prowess but also creativity and artistic expression. This challenge celebrates the fusion of technology and the arts, encouraging students to think outside the box.
Moreton Bay Boys' College is eager to welcome students from local schools to participate in this enriching workshop. It’s an outstanding opportunity for young learners to boost their STEM skills, dive into creative problem-solving, and experience the camaraderie of working alongside peers from different schools. We look forward to fostering a community of young innovators and thinkers, ready to take on the challenges of the future together.

Fri 26 Apr 8:00am - 3:00pm

Moreton Bay Boys College (Library)